Though the skills needed by those in the accounting and/or finance roles of today’s businesses vary dramatically from company to company, the one constant is that, no matter the company or the industry, accounting and finance remain the impetus of any business. Whether our clients are in need of filling a CFO position or a financial manager role, MZN makes it our business to recognize that specific and unique needs might be required in order to source the appropriate candidate. We do this by spending the necessary time getting to know our candidates’ history and experiences to determine if transferable skills are present. As the financial sector continues to evolve, MZN continues to ensure that we are on top of current industry standards, governmental regulations and movement within the industry.


Employment opportunities in the healthcare sector have grown exponentially in recent years.  The healthcare industry has outpaced other major economic sectors and, at the same time, the industry has experienced major growth in its technological changes and advances. Experienced in the placement of skilled workers in a myriad of industries, including healthcare, and knowledgeable in the advancements being felt by the healthcare sector, MZN Management Group has the capability and background to source necessary, highly-qualified healthcare professionals. We routinely partner with healthcare sector human resource managers to ensure a timely, seamless experience in finding the talent for the specific position needed.


With the current state of busy change and advancement in the logistics and supply chain industry, our clients in these industries are spread thin. This busy state coupled with a skilled worker shortage means our clients have less time than ever to adequately recruit candidates for roles within their companies. This is where MZN steps in. At MZN, we free-up time for our clients by sourcing our network of skilled and vetted candidates for positions in the logistics and transportation industry, including roles in supply chain management and processes. We understand the constant state of advancement that technology and e-commerce has brought to these industries, and we understand the speed at which our clients need to fill key roles. Our clients count on MZN to retain logistics and supply chain executives and employees, so they can continue to focus on day to day issues driving these industries.


With vast numbers of baby boomers at or near retirement, the manufacturing industry is seeing large numbers of open positions, both at the managerial level and other. Because of that, there are great opportunities for candidates with skills transferable from other industries. At MZN, we have roots in the manufacturing industry which allow us to understand the complexities associated with the industry as well as the industry’s present state of employment. Our background allows us the keen ability to match our clients with viable candidates who can bring value to their roles. With the additional reliance on supply chain, finding talent for manufacturing positions runs the gamut from production line to C-suite. Our clients rely on MZN to source candidates that will carry the business into the future.

Private Equity

With the private equity sector having experienced the growth that it has seen in recent years, private equity firms continue to demand that their leaders bring tangible value to the table. MZN Management Group recognizes this need and works to deliver candidates that meet the high-level drive, tenacity and skill set necessary to succeed in this field. At MZN, we partner with our private equity clients to understand the specific and unique recruiting needs of their portfolio companies. With our understanding of and background in the various industries touched by the private equity sector, we are able to timely vet and deliver C-suite and executive candidates that meet the high expectations these clients have come to deserve.

Special Events

At the crux of every business development and marketing plan are goals for driving brand awareness. Businesses today are accomplishing this by hosting experiential events which ultimately help consumers identify with a brand. MZN Management Group offers premium event staffing, including the planning, execution and budget management, for corporate events. In addition to recruiting and sourcing brand ambassadors, MZN will create an event staffed with the necessary logistics staff, including waitstaff and bartenders, and will provide influencers, make-up artists and models. We have a large network of candidates tailored for specific roles at our clients’ events, saving our clients’ time and money associated with starting their searches from scratch. In outsourcing event staffing and logistics to MZN, our clients can continue to focus on what they do best- running the day to day tasks associated with their businesses.


The demand for Information Technology shows no signs of slowing down, and it is becoming ever more challenging to identify and recruit people with sufficient skills and talent for an organization. Historically, MZN was established with this IT specialization in mind. MZN offers our clients a competitive pool of the highest level of IT-trained personnel to fulfill open positions within our clients’ IT departments. We understand that our clients’ IT sourcing needs can vary from one contract to the next. The best solution we have found for this issue to offer open contract positions by supplying our clients with candidates from different technical backgrounds. All candidates placed by MZN are legally authorized to work in the United States and have been granted H1B1 status.


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